Our aim


SIT's goal is to use European knowledge and technology and Swiss management skills in organizing, financing, implementing solar installations in Tonga. The aim is to provide a start up financing and a technical team in order to set up a sustainable system of self-financing which shall have an environmental and economic purpose. The environmental purpose shall be energy independence and the reduction of carbon dioxide. 


On the economical side the revenues generated shall allow the creation of benefits:

  1. for the local Tongan to be independent;
  2. for the Tongan economy to have energy and funds available for economic growth;
  3. for the company to generate sufficient revenues to repay the initial investments to further invest in solar energy.


The project is open for both investments with a mere philanthropic motivation and also for investments in sustainable energy projects in developing countries, which can generate a certain return. 


SIT shall ensure for the philanthropic projects that the money donated is properly used. For the projects with an economical background, SIT shall ensure that the money invested shall be used for installations which can generate a pay back.