Our venture team


Hayden Braddock is the General Manager for Solar Island Technology (SIT) and oversees all new projects and existing projects.  He works closely with Tonga Power and local businesses to understand policy and the local electricity market. Based in Auckland New Zealand Hayden makes regular trips to Tonga. 


Luka Mueller-Studer is an Advisory board member to the owner of the biggest solar boat in the world; PlanetSolar. In addition, he is the administrator of a Swiss Family Foundation which has been involved in several start-up projects. Luka has family roots in Tonga and is involved in several agriculture and tourism projects here.


Ernst Eidt has worked on SIT projects for several years in Tonga. He was responsible for the first island solar installation in Tonga. He has a considerable technical and practical installation background.


A local Tongan Team further assists the SIT Team. Hans Muller is member of the Board of SIT. He lives in Tonga and has several business operations there. We also work with Fe`ao and his team at Kingdom Energy based in Nukulalofa on all our projects.